A turnkey employer-sponsored retirement plan solution including low-cost investment choices, managed portfolio options, fiduciary coverage, and advanced plan design capabilities. 

Successful Structure

Our approach seamlessly coordinates the various components needed for a successful retirement plan into
a unified, simple solution. We believe that truly serving in your best interests means eliminating potential
conflicts of interest, including those arising from plan-related expenses. Our retirement plan platform has
no commissions, hidden charges, or complex revenue sharing arrangements. Understanding the various
types of fees involved with retirement plans is not easy, but rest assured our solution strives to balance the cost and value for all aspects of your plan.

Let us manage your retirement plan so that you can focus on your business.

Disciplined Diversification

Many retirement plan investment choices remain limited to common investments, such as stocks, bonds,
and cash. Our investment lineup is not bound by a traditional definition of diversification and includes an
extraordinarily wide selection of asset types, including often overlooked specialized investments. The goal
of this approach is to offer employees the ability to participate in a broad range of return opportunities,
address numerous investment risks, and reduce dependency on any single financial market.

Efficient ETFs

Mutual funds are commonly used as the investment options within retirement plans. However, our
retirement plan program uses Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs),
offering you and your employees valuable benefits:

Fiduciary Services

Every employer strives to reduce, or even eliminate, any unnecessary risk. Employers cannot generally
outsource the fiduciary responsibility related to the retirement plan's operational functions, such as 5500
filings, contribution processing and participant notices. However, ERISA does allow your organization
to transfer control of the investment decision making process to a 3(38) Investment Manager. At that
point, your responsibility is to then simply monitor that manager. This is powerful because the selected
investment manager does not act as a co-fiduciary, but actually steps in front of you and your organization
as the fiduciary for investment related functions. Not every investment firm offers this level of fiduciary
protection because they incur additional liability and cost.

This fiduciary support is foundational to our retirement plan solution, and allows you to reduce your fiduciary liability and risk.

Employee Education

Our dedicated consultants are responsible for implementing your organization’s retirement plan and
reviewing it with your management on an ongoing basis. More importantly, we are readily available to
your employees. One of the most common limitations of retirement plans is the delivery of investment
advice to plan participants. Most employees don’t understand investing and are in need of professional
advice. We deliver personal service, on-site employee education, employee enrollment support, and
individualized consultations.

Our approach focuses on the many different financial planning components, with the goal of helping each  employee meet their financial goals.

Intelligent Investments

We have complete independence when crafting the investment lineup for your plan, and the investment
choices are managed by a diverse group of globally-recognized financial institutions. Plan participants
have three methods of investing their individual accounts, offering significant flexibility:

Proven Processes

The regulatory environment is evolving, thereby increasing your responsibility as a plan sponsor. Our integrated platform includes the administrative and operational support that you need, which includes
the following tasks:


» Enrollment Kits
» Summary Annual Reports
» Summary Plan Descriptions
» Safe Harbor,  Automatic Contribution, & QDIA Notices
» Participant Fee Disclosures
» Fund Changes & Mapping Notices


» Intuitive employer web platform including extensive reporting capability, payroll integration, plan contributions, as well as distribution and loan  processing
» Powerful employee web platform providing custom on-demand reporting,  investment changes, and service requests

» Concise and easy-to-read  participant level  account statements


» Access to plan design specialists to help you appropriately structure your plan, such as striving to maximizing your plan contributions thereby potentially minimizing your tax burden
» Evaluate and implement plan design features such as safe harbor, cross  testing and defined benefit plans in an effort to maximize the impact of your plan


» Hands-on processing of the 5500 and government filings
» Conducts all testing and compliance requirements
» Plan Document