Let’s Transform your Dreams!

My name is Riza (so nice to meet you!) I’m a psychology-driven Wealth Strategist.

In 2009 I left a major Wall Street team who advised Ultra-High Net-Worth families ($100,000,000+) and joined a bank to help advise folks without the same level of financial access and resources. Over the last decade, I have worked with individuals and families on a one-on-one basis. And through all of this, it has become abundantly clear that although we all want things that may look and feel different, we share the same basic desires:

➤ We all want to live.

➤ We desire love.

➤ We look for growth.

➤ We want to leave a legacy.

We’re all grappling for these basic fundamentals of life no matter our socio-economic status.

I have created a process to help you evolve from a place of ambiguity and distraction to a place of aligned action.

Your future is so much more than an asset allocation. We start by uncovering the psychology of your money habits. We’ll use your beliefs, personality, and investor archetype to define your core values. Only then, we design and implement your WEALTH PLAN.

Read on to see how we can work together.  

While working together, I aim to help you feel clear and certain about the direction to pursue. My desire is for your path in this journey to be bright and effortless. And even with the ebbs and flows of the economy you will be able to make decisions while being calm centered and balanced.

A few fun facts about me:

Bula! (That’s Aloha in Fiji) I was born in Fiji to an Indo-Fijian businessman dad and a Philippina mom. My childhood was spent in Fiji and I migrated to the US in my teens.

I’m a mama! Single mom to my little one (not so little anymore). When Bash was 6, I coached his soccer team. During my first year of coaching, the boys won every game they played except to one team. The girls team! Go girls team!!

Spicy food is the way to my heart. The spicier the better. I was once in a habanero eating contest. And my burn’n mouth won.

When I’m not transforming dreams, I’m exploring the world. I have straddled between 2 continents at once (Fun times in Turkey!), have visited 4 continents thus far, traveled to 8 countries multiple times. Solo traveled to 10 countries. And have been to a total of 20 countries. Where shall I travel to next??

“Official” Bio

3rd Person Style

Riza serves as Chief Financial Advisor and Founder of EntreFolio Wealth Management, an Independent and Fiduciary Financial Services Firm. Riza began her career as an intern at Deutsche Banc and has worked for large investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan & Wells Fargo Advisors. Feeling the need for transparency, honesty and an open architecture practice, Riza led the founding of an Independent and Fiduciary Financial Advisory Services Firm, EntreFolio Wealth Management in 2018. Riza has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with a focus in Finance from California State University, East Bay.

As a Chief Financial Advisor, she seeks out investment strategies that align with client needs and values. Bolstered by the open architecture an Independent Financial Advisory Services Firm has access to, she evaluates investment offerings relative to individual client return profiles, risk parameters, tax implications, and time horizons. She is rule driven in her approach, adhering to the discipline conferred by regular rebalancing, asset class diversification and robust analytics.

Riza built her business to provide wealth management strategies and services to entrepreneurs, private business owners, non-profit organizations, and families. Her practice is designed to promote client interests. Clients look to her to understand and integrate multiple priorities: family, business, community and legacy.

Meet the rest of the team!

Our philosophy is not to simply provide financial services, but to provide partnership and council. We seamlessly coordinate the many components of your wealth management plan allowing you to focus on the things you care about most.  One of our greatest strengths is the collaborative team of specialists that we have assembled to serve and support each client. We truly enjoy helping people make smart financial decisions and look forward to learning more about you, your priorities, and your goals.

Investment Team

Members of the Investment Team are licensed with Advisory Alpha, LLC, a SEC registered investment advisor.


Steve Jr. is the driving force behind the development and innovation of Advisory Alpha’s investment solutions and platform. He leads the investment team and brings more than a decade of experience to the firm as well as extensive knowledge of personal finance and asset management, as evidenced by his CFA®, CFP®, and AIF® designations.


Jon has a diverse background in corporate finance and investment management. He manages the daily investment research and portfolio management responsibilities for the investment team which involves asset allocation research, fund monitoring and due diligence, investment strategy evaluation and implementation, and performance monitoring.


Holding the CFP® designation and as a CFA® Candidate, Nick leads a team of financial planning consultants that implement various portfolio analysis and planning resources with the goal of improving clients’ financial situations.  Nick is a key member of the investment team and is positioned to craft comprehensive solutions to financial challenges that span all stages of the financial planning process.


Janine manages our accounting and financial systems, human resources functions, and office operations. She is also a key member of our compliance team and supports various departments across our firm including trading, financial planning, performance reporting, and account billing. 


Nicole is a key member of the operations team by supporting the firm’s data management, reporting, billing and trading functions.  Her background in corporate accounting and process-driven approach is invaluable to the firm’s broader portfolio accounting needs.