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At the end of the quiz, you should learn how to use your newly acquired knowledge to protect yourself against your weaknesses and better leverage your strengths. If you can understand and control your temperaments, then you are better equipped to plan your goals, manage financial risks and even flourish at other aspects of your life.

Money Motivation Assessment

Get ready to meet your unconscious mind. This could be the best meeting you have today. Want to know why? Because you are likely making financial decisions based on tendencies, you aren’t even aware of – biases that are probably making you hemorrhage money and silently jeopardizing your long-term financial aspirations.

What Motivates your Money Behavior? 

Take our test to learn how to stop making the same old money mistakes.

We see this all the time. Investors put huge cash in some well-to-do stocks just before it plummets, and then they pull out when they hit rock-bottom, forgetting that the self-confidence that pays off for them in other situations can do the reverse in the market. We have seen clients go on an uncontrolled spending spree after a bad day, failing to establish the connection between their mood and spending behavior. When it comes to money, we all have a personality that we are oblivious to. The goal of the "MONEY" personality test is to destroy these blind spots.

Chances are that you have taken a personality test before. They are a standard tool that the corporate human resource department relies on to match people to the right jobs. It is estimated that the personality testing industry is worth over $500 million, growing by about 10% per year. However, not long ago, personality research crept into the world of finance and economics, a world that has since held firmly to the academic notion that people rationally think and arrive at their financial decisions.

The field of behavioral finance is discovering that our choices regarding money are often motivated by psychological factors. Most of which we have no conscious control over: perceptual biases, learned behavior patterns, and most importantly – EMOTIONS! Consequently, we are susceptible to mistakes that sabotage our own long-term interests.

Personality testing in this field promises to help us identify some of these mistakes that we’re prone to – and use that knowledge to help change toxic behavior.

We have designed this test to separate the characteristics of each personality type and understand the motivation behind each behavior. Most of us will have a blend of these traits. And even at that, most of us will still discover a strong connection to either one or two categories.